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  1. Absolutely love the Scottish music, tradition, psyche…. feel as if I know the musicians and fantastic singers personally because I’ m so into the culture… love to start a blogging thing but don’t know how…. thanks for Gmail.comreading… if you did…hehehe

  2. Hi Katie, I am planning to.move to the Isle of Lewis within the next year to live and work. I am a southerner though ( as in south of England) despite my Scottish heritage (my mum grew up in greenock) and education (St Andrews uni). I have started learning Gaelic, but i am worried about how easily I will be accepted by the local community as a ‘fair stranger’. My name happens to be Fiona so the Gaelic of Fionnaghula feels quite apt. I am desperate to start a new life on Lewis and am.actively looking forward to it, but I am Anxious. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Fiona. My advice would just be for you to move to wherever you want and make a happy life for yourself! There will always be some folk, especially on Lewis, who view ‘incomers’ with suspicion but they are the minority and most of us are nice and normal, friendly and welcome! Failte gu fhein! (not sure if I’ve got that right, but you get the gist…) Katie x

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