Work with Me

I work as a freelance writer, journalist and PR consultant, specialising in promoting all kinds of organisations by helping them to tell their stories and build their narrative.

PR clients (past and present) include Acair Books, Point and Sandwick Trust, Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig, Stornoway Port AuthorityAn Lanntair and Harris Tweed Hebrides. I was also Communications Manager for NHS Western Isles for a time.

I can produce written content for websites and social media platforms, as well as traditional press articles. I also provide advice on reputation management.

As a PR, I specialise in ‘brand journalism’. This is strategic storytelling; promotional features delivered with all the style, insight and flair of a good journalist — and aimed at improving the profile of your company or organistion.

It starts with the press release but covers so much more as the explosion of digital media means you can use channels such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs to reach your readers.

As well as being a PR, though, I also work as a journalist – most recently writing for Bella Caledonia in ‘The Wind of Change: Renewables and Self-Determination‘ – and I started out in newspapers 20 years ago. I worked exclusively in the traditional press for more than a decade, starting at weekly papers in the Hebrides and progressing to sub-editing at nationals including the Daily Record.

If I can help you promote your business, organisation or brand with content for newspapers, websites, social media or anything else, then please contact me at and we can discuss your requirements.

Please also get in touch if you have a feature or news investigation in mind and think I could be the right journalist for the job. 


“Acair has been fortunate to work with Katie Laing over a number of years. She has produced PR copy for us for several very different situations and each time has quickly grasped the essential qualities of the ‘story’, followed through any research and interviews and most importantly allowed review of the final draft before signing off for media use — always meeting the deadline.” 

(Agnes Rennie, manager, Acair)

“As General Manager of Point and Sandwick Trust I was acutely aware that our press releases, social media profile and public relations were falling some way short of the mark despite our ‘good news stories’, and for that reason we hired Katie to raise our profile and generally manage our public relations.

“She has done this very successfully for us, with some of our good news stories achieving national coverage on radio, television and trade journals, and we look forward to continuing working closely with Katie to maintain our profile and get our story told.”

(Donald John MacSween, General Manager, PST)


Here are just a few examples of coverage resulting from my PR work, to show what’s possible.

  1. A feature-length article, in The Scotsman, which promoted a £100 donation from Point and Sandwick Trust to Sgoil an Rubha to buy Lego sets, to boost their stock for Lego therapy play sessions for children with Additional Support Needs and others. By exploring the research around Lego therapy, the story became much more interesting than a simple cheque donation — and gained national exposure for Point and Sandwick Trust’s good work.
  2. A piece of positive press from the Daily Mail — worthy of mention in and of itself — from the period I was in charge of PR, along with all sorts of other communications, at NHS Western Isles.  The story was their exceptional success with introducing the ‘Flo’ system for monitoring patients’ conditions by text message.
  3. Newspapers picked up on my press release announcing Megan Macdonald’s commission to make a bespoke candle for the influential Their World charity run by Sarah Brown, wife of the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Afterwards, Megan said: “My online orders went up 100 per cent.”