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  1. Hi Katie, I was alerted to your blog on the Facebook page, “Stornoway, now and then” starting off with the article about the Castle Grounds, the I read about the piping and the sad death of Willie MacCallum And. I see that you are the daughter of Dr John Smith whom I know like all the others in the Lewis and Harris Piping Society of which my late dad Norman Macleod ( of the building contractor’s firm Angus Macleod & Sons) was a founder member. He passed away prematurely age 58 in 1984 but he was an avid supporter of the Society and also travelled to lots of the other major competitions throughout Scotland.

    I loved the piece on John Kennedy. He used to work in my dad’s company as a Quantity Surveyor when he first came back to Stornoway, newly married and stayed with Josephine in one of the flats about the shop and office in 30 Church Street. He is a character with a wealth of great stories and anecdotes!

    Like yourself I lived Away! I went to London in 1975 telling my distraught mum (of one daughter and 5 sons) I’d try it for a month. Meanwhile 38 years later, two years ago I came back for good and like you, absolutely love living back here again.

    I hope your dad is keeping well after his trials with his ops.

    I look forward to keeping up with your stories and will spread the word on Facebook.

    Cheers ‘an drasd,
    Mary Ann

    1. Hi Mary Ann! Thank you for your lovely message! It was great to read your story – I’m grinning ear to ear – and interesting to hear about your father, the Piping Society and the John Kennedy connections. He is such a character. I’m hoping to capture some more of his stories in due course. They’re always highly entertaining! Glad you’re enjoying being back home. A bit of a change from London! Thanks for spreading the word. I’ll be in touch soon with more… Katie

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